danish design makers

Danish Design MakersDanish Design Makers Danish Design Makers Danish Design Makers Danish Design Makers During the IMM Cologne fair, Jantine discovered the Danish Design Makers, a group of designers with different nationalities and backgrounds, all with strong ties to the Danish design culture.

They showed their newest collection at the IMM Cologne fair, with a main subject ' Made in Denmark.

They say the following about it:

"During recent years, much of our production has been moved away from Denmark. “Made in Denmark” has become a rare certificate rather than the well-known and highly valued trade mark, that made Danish Design famous. Even though this development can be reasoned in many ways, the defining one is, that manufacturing labour intensive goods in Denmark is not competitive anymore. It is also obvious, that this is not just a danish phenomenon.

We will challenge this statement. How can design contribute to manifest the “made origins” to a country like Denmark? A country´s design culture is very related to their production capabilities - they go hand in hand. This relationship strengthens both - design and production. We would like to keep production, craftsmanship and our tradition nearby. This is our culture - this is who we are".

The Danish Design Makers worked for this collection with 17 different designers - you'll find all the designs on their website.