iittala x issey miyake

iittala-x-issey-miyake-aprilandmay-1 iittala-x-issey-miyake-aprilandmay-2 iittala-x-issey-miyake-aprilandmay-3 iittala-x-issey-miyake-aprilandmay-5iittala-x-issey-miyake-aprilandmay-4 Last Tuesday we were invited to attend the new collection presentation of Iittala, where they showed their new collection created in collaboration with Issey Miyake.

The collection, pause for harmony, is created for daily rituals, to be living in the moment and giving full attention to to the joy of present.

We love to see the combination of both design companies coming together in this beautiful line of new products. Which is still very Iittala, but also very Issey Miyake.

It's like Finland meeting Japan. And we love both of them. The geometric lines, the folded items and the beautiful plates - it just fits.

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