vedbaek house

NORM-VEDBAEK-HOUSE-III-aprilandmay-1 NORM-VEDBAEK-HOUSE-III-aprilandmay-2 NORM-VEDBAEK-HOUSE-III-aprilandmay-3 NORM-VEDBAEK-HOUSE-III-aprilandmay-4 NORM-VEDBAEK-HOUSE-III-aprilandmay-5 NORM-VEDBAEK-HOUSE-III-aprilandmay-6 Last weekend, we already showed you some of the styling details of this amazing home. Today we show you the interior of the Vedbaek house, designed by Norm Architects.

We think the use of materials in this home, which is dated from 1853, is wonderful. The flooring makes it a kind of glossy-sophisticated but together with the old details, like the beams and the clean kitchen and steel windows, it gives it a perfect twist.

Not to speak about that amazing bathroom! What do you think of the interior of this 'gold' space?