a new hybrid space - The Audo


The new space is a hub for powerful ideas, beautiful design and inspiration. Through openness, knowledgesharing and collaboration, MENU takes a new approach to running a design business. Our move to The Audo highlights the multidisciplinary, unifying nature of design, while serving as a showcase and testing ground for our new concepts

- Joachim Kornbek Hansen Chief Design & Brand Officer MENU -


As I recently indicated in a previous post MENU has relocated their headquarters and creative space to The Audo, an inclusive, hybrid location that fuses co-working and event facilities with a café, restaurant and retail area, as well as an exclusive hotel residence. a unique concept that reflects the rapidly changing intersection of home, work and hospitality in a single, community-building universe

Abbreviated from the Latin ab uno disce omnes, meaning from one, learn all, The Audo reflects MENU’s founding philosophy of collaborative spirit. To create this amazing space,  where you mainly find warm earth-toned colors, MENU has teamed up with architecture studio Norm Architects 

The Audo is located in a 1918 building in Nordhavn – an industrial part of Copenhagen but just a short distance from the trendy neighbourhood of Østerbro.  On the outside the building has historical references, but on the inside it is a rational, industrial concrete structure that allowed to transform it rather freely.

"Here the philosophy is equally simple: to connect like-minded individuals through meaningful environments showcased in unconventional ways." To make transitions from one space to another in a inspiring and pleasurable way, Nathan Williams co-founder of Kinfolk magazine leads the Audo’s creative direction, bringing global perspective to the space. 

The Audo was opened during 3 Days of Design and the staircase that leads to the Menu offices and the communal workspace is definitely a great eye-catcher in the bulding but actually, when you look at the inspiring images, everything looks perfect and inviting don’t you think so? - Elvera -