Kovac Family

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Cliché or not, the people within your family make your house a home, right? But, if there is one interior brand that also helped to make our Amsterdam based place truly feel like our own comfortable home, it is Kovac Family.

The Kovac Family is not only a brand but also a true Sweden based existing family itself! Christopher and Camilla are the founders, and together with their daughters Klara and Filippa they are designing and developing products under their own label. Our own beloved 25lamp being one of their first products.

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Camilla has a Master of Fine Arts degree and received several grants from different Arts Committees for her work.

She realized that doing design for other companies was not fulfilling enough, and decided she could not continue doing so. Kovac Family, the brand, was born! With the following thoughts going through their minds ‘If we are going to design a new product, it must be sustainable when it comes to both materials ànd production.. and of equal importance, it should have a purpose, not just be a good-looking object.’ I do love both myself, it does make you choose more conscious!

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So, Kovac Family made the choice to only make products with as small impact on the environment as possible, source material sustainably and produce responsibly and ethically. Challenge accepted.

The first product, the 25lamp, consists of 25 wooden lamellas that you can easily unfold and it turns into a normal lampshade. This way it can be shipped worldwide in ‘a 3 cm thick envelope package’.

They are constantly eager to look for more eco-friendly materials, always asking and challenging suppliers too for eco-friendly alternatives. The furniture collection followed, with the 15Chair and 8Table, guess how many pieces they exist from?

The furniture pieces are made from reclaimed sustainably solid Oak with a unique look as every piece of wood is hand selected. Normally manufacturers exclude wood with too much grain or knot holes, so Kovac specifically asks for these leftovers, to highlight these individual expressions, so much better than burning it for fuel otherwise. The rattan used is 100% sustainably sourced and even the wax is locally sourced, beeswax and linseed oil, nothing else.

The chairs and coffee tables are handmade in Sweden, built to last.

The Japanese inspired low lounge 15Chair for sure is a big fave in our home, not only for me, but the kids and even the cat absolutely love and use it every day!

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The family keeps busy, and just developed Kovac Factory – where they are building a community for the creative branch. A digital platform for ao photographers, stylists, set designers, writers. A service workflow for storing, sharing and collaborating. Daughters Klara and Filippa are passionate about photos, and obsessed with simplifying. They believe every step in your workflow should be easy, from finding the right team to creating the creative project, and above all it should be fun. It’s why they build Kovac Factory. Already used by top photographers like Mikael Jansson and the students of Fotoskolan Stockholm (one of the topschools for photographers) are already using the system. Curious, you can find details here.

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All products are sold exclusively thru their own webshop and shipped from Sweden worldwide.