Luxury goes deeper than skin - Madara

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At Madara they believe that the best skincare is the kind of care that goes deeper than skin. Not just to make us look better, but make us feel and act better. It is care for our well being and self-esteem, care about the choices they make, the values they respect, and care for the environmental footprint they leave.

For the Nordic people, often introverted and solitary beings, what is on the inside has always been more important than how we look. That's why Madara insist on truly effective ingredients, honest claims, environmentally friendly packaging, care, passion and respect. Because a radiant heart leads to radiant skin.

We’ve been using the product of Madara for more then a year now, so we can honestly say, Madara goes deeper than skin. Wether it is their hand soap, their body cream or their skincare, it all feels so good in use, it’s soft and it feels clean. And that’s something that I really like. - Vivian

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For thousands of years, the harsh and cold northern climate has cherished plants with extraordinary properties. Those deep roots, bitter leaves and gnarled barks have healed wounds and saved lives. And the difficultly acquired knowledge and the wisdom of survival, which has been passed on from mother to daughter, from father to son, is still in Madara's blood. Now in the 21st century, Madara wants to prove that nature offers everything they need. They investigate legends about Northern healing herbs under the penetrating gaze of doctors in the bright light of scientific laboratories. In Madara's endless quest to discover more of what nature still hides, scientific validation is a must for each of the ingredients and final creations. Strangely enough, it is a scarcity of resources and sunlight that has been created in astute perfectionists, focused on detail, design and especially quality.

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For Madara, luxury means wild northern forests and fertile soil. Madara's cool seas and solid sandy shores, where they are only staring at the miracle of the northern lights. They are old wooden chalets, miles apart. The luxury of seasons with golden autumn, crystal winters, long-for-springs and painfully short northern summers. The luxury of raw, pure and precious natural ingredients that have been refined to their highest potential.

That's what's under our skin.

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