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Iittala (since 1881) is a pioneer in Scandinavian design and wants to enrich everyday life. According to Iittala, design is about people. It's a way to look ahead. It seeks balance by focusing on the essentials of life.

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Iittala's classic Teema is known for its simple shapes and diversity of colors, easy to combine with other items in the collection. This spring Iittala introduces a new refined, neutral shade in the Teema: powder series.

Iittala introduces powder: a soft and fresh colour that can be combined effortlessly within the timeless Teema series. Powder is a subdued, soothing shade that evokes the thought of the soft, still air of a Nordic sunset. As a smooth, stylish addition or as an alternative to pure white, powder effortlessly combines with other colours - clean and modern.

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Teema was designed by one of Iittala's most iconic designers, Kaj Franck. It is an inspiring collection of functional objects in different shapes, sizes and colors. Franck created Teema in 1952 as an alternative to the lavishly decorated tableware that was in fashion at the time. The line is now considered the essence of Scandinavian design with its simplicity, functionality and form. Thanks to small details, each plate is multifunctional and stackable; it can be used to serve, store, freeze or even heat or bake food in the oven. Teema is available in a wide range of plates, dishes, cups and bowls. It is a real chameleon on the table, in a variety of colors, suitable for any occasion.