MANGO - Un boun viaggio by Beatriz Caspar

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This is Palermo, Sicilia and the instagram influencer Beatriz Caspar (con botas de agua) photographs her daugthers wandering around the italian scenery. Through the pictures I already get a holiday feeling.

The essential suitcase for a trip to Italia contains: comfy denim, fluid dresses, striped tee-shirts (for sure) and a pair of trainers to walk comfortably trough the neighbourhoods. Wearing all these, they feel like locals!

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‘‘Exploring the city, they discover a food market which is full of amazing and colorful fruits and vegetables. They pay attention to the merchants to know exactly what it is necessary to prepare those tasty Italian recipes. Pasta alla bolognese sounds like a great idea for lunch, right? Yes, please!

Hours pass and the girls are tired and very hungry. The food is ready! Be careful, don’t get dirty with sauce.’’

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