the Malababa flagship store

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I was already familiar with the Spanish brand Malababa from my visits to Madrid last year, but when I saw a picture of their stunning new Madrilenian flagship store at Calle Serrano 8, I wanted to know more about it immediately.

Malababa was Founded in 2000 by Ana Carrasco and Jaime Lara and their shoes, bags and other leather accessories are created with an original passion for their craft and a deep respect for the natural materials they use in their creative process. The new store has been designed by Ana and Jaime in collaboration with local architecture and design studio Ciszak Dalmas and architect Matteo Ferrari. For this amazing and very inspiring place they have  used a clean, neutral color palette, different textures and geometric forms to radiate that their stores are the image of their connection with design, culture and art. 

The combination of natural materials as clay, leather, limestone, the terrazo counter and the use of white marble powder on the walls gives the store a beautiful imperfect authentic touch which is another creative indication of the way they work and what they stand for!

On the site of Studio Ciszak Dalmas you can read more about the storedesign and the use of poor and rich materials in search for the connection of the brand identity.

- Elvera - 

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