Infused water for Ikea


We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, especially when the weather is hot and you are spending much of the day outside being active, it is extra important to drink more fluids than usual and especially that you are doing so before you start feeling thirsty. Creating infused waters is a great way to take something as simple as water.


Did you know that every single cell in the human body needs water to function properly? Much like the plants in your garden. Water helps you with getting rid of waste throughout your body.

Start by drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. So with this good start you continue by carrying a bottle or container with you at all times, at work, at home, even if you are just out running a few errands. A good excuse to buy that pretty non-plastic bottle right?

Choose water at restaurants instead of other beverages. Not only will you save on calories while simultaneously hydrating yourself, but you'll also stop drinking all of that sugar!

When you are hungry, start with a glass of water before you reach for the snack. Sometimes feelings of hunger are actually your body telling you that it’s thirsty.  Drink before you eat. 30 minutes before every meal can actually keep you from over indulging, you might even loose weight!


And then, infuse and flavor your own water. For infused water, there really is no recipe. It’s all based on taste and what you have on hand.

Add all of the ingredients to a pitcher or jar, slightly mashing up any fruit to release their juices. Bruise the leaves of any herbs to release the natural extracts and oils. Top with water and enjoy! In the Netherlands we can use tap water. Select fresh organic produce and herbs whenever possible.You can peel citrus before infusing to avoid excess bitterness. For smaller herbs and botanicals like dried lavender or peppercorns, add them to a teabag when infusing.


Hope this inspire you to drink more water. - Vivian  


All items we used are available at IKEA.

Photography and styling by April and May