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by Klip Klap Living

If you follow us on Instagram you might have seen some snaps from our trip to Copenhagen last week where Jantine and I stayed in a wonderful 1-room hotel ( read about it here ) and we biked all over town to see the most beautiful Danish brands. One of the brands we visited was by KlipKlap where we met Line, who introduced us to the brand.  We love to show you our favorite living items. Beside this, they also have a kids collection, more on this here.  - Vivian 


KK Living was introduced with the KK Daybed back in 2015. Since then, the collection has grown and now consists of 6 products, designed by Charlotte Høncke, all with a multifunctional touch. They harmonize aesthetically and at the same time they fit into most interior contexts because of their discrete and elegant lines. 


KK Daybed, Daybench and Bench are different interpretations of the same design idea. All three pieces offers a little more than what you expect and encourage to customized styling. 

KK Daybench comes in many shapes, just like the older sister, KK Daybed, it can act like both a one- and two-seater sofa. And like the KK bench, it functions as a coffee table. If you just need a bigger bench, it can be applied for this purpose as well, giving you more space for storage of beautiful things or a personal touch. 


KK lounge chair and the accompanying KK Pouf are the latest additions to Living collection. The backrest in molded oak wraps the user in its soft curves and together with KK Pouf, they create the framework for a complete lounge setting.

Visit the by KlipKlap website to see their complete collection. Soon a few selected items will be available in our online store