Natureza Morta by Coco Lapine


One of great things being part of the blog community and joining events and invites from around the world is getting to know like minded people with a shared passion. Sarah from Coco Lapine is one of them and during our recent trip to Copenhagen, which she also attended, she told us she was working on some new prints that would be launched soon.

This new collection is online now and of course we would love to share this with you. Sarah manages to create a beautiful new and inspiring collection each time, always looking to include nice new details and the best quality. The new collection consists out of 7 new prints and a calender for 2018. Part of the collection is the ‘Natureza Morta’ series, depicting the leafs of different plant species on a dramatic black background. Every print has a gold foil stamp detail indicating the Latin name of the plant, the order, family and genus.


View the complete new collection here which also includes the Hestur & Hestar print, beautiful Icelandic horses and Jardin d’hiver, a black and white photograph of the roof of the Jardin d’hiver (winter garden) of the Royal Greenhouses in Laeken, Brussels.

All images by Sarah – Coco Lapine