Lien Hereijgers


Personally I am not someone who wears a lot of jewellery at the same time like lots of rings or bracelets together. I am more the person who likes to wear jewellery in a more minimal way with pieces that have something unique and special. Last year I started wearing earrings again after many years of not wearing any at all.

The collection of Lien Hereijgers are pieces I really like because of the unique shapes and use of materials. Lien Hereijgers is a Belgian designer trained in textile and jewellery design, a combination proving her fascination with materials and tactility. She loves manual labour like sawing, bending, hammering, welding, sanding and polishing to bring the jewellery pieces to life.

The Circum and Prima Materia collection above are my personal favorites.

CIRCUM owes its name to the circle, the formal starting point and instantly also a soothing element in an otherwise pure, minimalist collection. Round bars and whole or half discs: the circle is deconstructed, combined and translated into contemporary jewellery designs in the selection of earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. The use of composite as an experimental material gives the collection something really unique.

Prima Materia is bases on the fascination by earth’s minerals and during an experimental search to fascinating materials she found this composite material. In fact an everyday material wich were turned into vibrant, beatifully crafted jewellery. Lien’s lasting love of colour is shown throughout the collections with each piece of composite cast by hand with each colour mixed individually.


First image by April and May | Second image by Lichtwaas

- Jantine -