Behind the scenes for Loof


Last Tuesday Loof used my home to shoot their new office table Node 900 and Node 1200. Of course I couldn’t resist helping out during the shoot. We had a great day shooting the new tables and the new tables create a perfect work environment. The tables offer great details and functionality to work either with fixed work spaces or more flexible work spaces. For now I can only show you some shots I took during the shoot but soon we will reveil more about this table and the result of the shoot.


All the props used during the shot made it even better to create some great images. If you are looking for the best items for your workspace or office then you really should have a look at Miscellaneous. Now more and more people are (partially) working from home, there seems to be a growing appreciation for nice workspace environments and all the items within it that make it so. And that is exactly what Miscellaneous is all about: Refined goods for the home and desk.

Combining this with the new office table from Loof…working can’t get any better.


Images with iPhone © April and May
Notebook by Mleko Living | Cup by Hasami | all other items from Miscellaneous

- Jantine -