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Remember the first post about the ScandiDesignTour? The first day was dedicated to Fredericia with an amazing visit and dinner at the Fredericia showroom. The second day was just as interesting and inspiring with a visit and tour at the Georg Jensen HQ and their silver smithy. The great thing about these days and tours always is hearing the story behind a brand and the journey they have had to become the brand they are now. When you see how a product is made and how much effort goes into the whole process you really appreciate the designs even more.

With a history that spans more than 100 years, the Georg Jensen brand represents quality craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic design, producing lifestyle products ranging from hollowware to watches, jewellery and home products.

The philosophy of Georg Jensen himself was to create democratic designs possessing both functionality and beauty. His artisanal skill and artistic talent combined with his continuous ability to identify and support design talent was the foundation on which he built Georg Jensen in Copenhagen in 1904. Jensen is recognised as the greatest silversmith of the past three hundred years. From the beginning the company has collaborated with independent designers, ensuring the best products in their ever-expanding lines.

The image underneath gives an impression of molds and prototypes of their growing collection.

This fall Georg Jensen celebrates 50 years of timeless designs with silversmith and artist Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe. When she began designing for Georg Jensen in 1967 she was already on her way to becoming the most celebrated Swedish silversmith of the postwar period. Adding her work to the Jensen oeuvre was like opening a window for the company. Her work was deemed “not Jensen” until such time that the company decided it “was Jensen” and a new generation was added and Jensen became hip.

During the tour we were demonstrated the process of making the iconic Vivianna Torun bangle and we ourselves got the change to take part in this process. At the end of the day I became the proud owner of a Vivianna bangle with my own initials on the inside. Such an amazing gift and something to hold on to as it is truly timeless piece of jewelry.

The last part of the day we visited the archives of Georg Jensen where all the drawings and historical books are safely kept and often is used is a source of inspiration for new pieces. Every drawing and sketch of the (iconic) pieces are safely kept in this place and being able to visit this and look through the old books and drawings was such a great experience.

Thank you Georg Jensen for this tour and amazing day!


This tour was sponsored by Fredericia and Georg Jensen

photography © April and May