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When we moved into our new home last year we bought some new furniture pieces for the living room. We brought our current bedframe and mattress with us. A new bedframe was something we wanted but decision wise we didn’t know what we wanted so bringing our current simple white bedframe was totally fine by us. Still deciding on a new bedframe and it probably will be something made of dark wood to bring some contrast in our bedroom.

But for a longer time we really wanted a new mattress because we felt our old one needed to be replaced for better comfort, support and night rest. When Eve Sleep asked me if I wanted to try one of their mattresses it was the perfect timing   to give this a try.

Eve offers two mattresses to choose from, the memory foam and the newest pocket spring. After introducing the memory foam mattress Eve decided to also create the perfect pocket spring mattress to fit the needs of their customers. This mattress is made of a unique combination of luxurious layers exclusively produced for Eve and made by hand in the United Kingdom. This mattress has cotton and silk layers offering the perfect elasticity and regulation of temperature and is made of long pocket springs the offer the finest comfort and support. The top of the mattress is created with a very soft cover and hand tufted according to traditional mattress techniques.

The mattress can easily be ordered online with a trial of 100 nights to experience it yourself and 10 years of guarantee.

We have used the mattress now for a month and I really have to admit it sleeps so well. For me it’s important to have a good night rest especially with young kids growing up. With our old mattress I felt it didn’t give me the right support and comfort I needed and the Eve mattress really proved the opposite. It feels very comfortable and is not too hard neither too soft but yet with the right support. The hand tufted cover looks and feels very luxurious.

As a minimal color lover I had to get used the most at the yellow color on the sides,  but this is easily covered by some nice bed linen…so problem solved ;)


- Jantine -


This post is sponsored by Eve Sleep but written with my personal and honest experience.

photography © April and May