BDB ceramics


One of my latest favorite ceramic pieces at home is this creamer by BDB. I brought it back from my recent trip to Copenhagen and bought it at Stilleben. I visited their new store in Copenhagen and always have to bring something from this store.

I do not use it as a creamer at home but just as a nice piece on my table together with some of my favorite ceramics. The shape, color and lines are something I really like about this piece and I love the combination with the dark wood.


BDB is a Brooklyn, New York based Design Studio offering both functional and sculptural ceramics made by hand. Each piece is a unique assembly of individually rolled out clay slaps created by a ‘hand and clay’ collaboration inspired by the contemplative process of ceramics and belief in simplicity.

Luckily they have a online store where you can buy a selection of their collection. The BDBOOAK collection has some very interesting pieces and I hope some of them will be available again soon.


First image by April and May | other images by BDB

- Jantine -