Hand carved wall panel

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Last week we used this hand carved wall panel as a piece of decoration material in Jantine her hallway. We have to be honest, this piece would probably be not something we would normally think about adding in our home. Not because we don’t think it’s beautiful but because we have a more scandinavian and minimalistic style at home. But we actually are very surprised by the warm and authentic look and feel. Especially combined with the steel doors and the concrete floor. It really ads a great contrast and combines great with the surrounding, flooring and the more minimal look in this hallway.

The wall panel LOTO is hand carved by artists in the lush mountains of North-Thailand. The wood carving shows a sacred lotus in full bloom. This flower is in many Asian cultures a powerful religious symbol for divine beauty.

The Thai artists carve the wall panel in a couple of weeks, the bigger versions take 3 to 6 months. All Simply Pure wooden carvings are authentic and handmade of high quality and sustainable teak.

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Styling and photography by April and May