Reinvented Danish factory


Last week we came across the work of Studio David Thulstrup, who have reinvented a Danish factory to create both a studio and a private home for photographer Peter Krasilnikoff.

You’ll find a mixture of wood, steel and concrete which works very well together. At the heart of the home is an amazing glass-wall, filled with lush grass and Scandinavian shrubbery. All three levels of the home have access to the green. The rooftop terrace offers an alternate view of the greenery, while boasting another dimension to the urban garden. The black-framed glass opening are accentuated by the Dinesen HeartOak boards. Studio David Thulstrup selected Dinesen HeartOak boards to dress the walls and floors, softening the perforated blackened steel staircase. The oak is a smooth addition in the company of a custom-made terrazzo bench top and polished concrete.



Photography by Peter Krasilnikoff