Soft wall by Molo

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I spotted this room divider a while ago when I was looking for a folding screen or divider for our own home to add to our living room. I had this idea to add something that could easily be removed or changed and in my search for solutions and designs I came across this design by Molo. We have not decided yet what we really want and where to add it in our living room so more about this project later.

I saved this design in my personal moodboard and was happy to discover it again in the newest edition of Scandinavian Living. And again I fell in love with the design and aesthetics.

Molo has created a few space partition, called Softwalls, made from paper and textile. The softwalls are a freestanding space partition with the flexibility to be shaped in any curved or linear formation. When stored compressed, the folding wall shrinks to the thickness of a book. The design is made from layers of paper or textile structured with flexible honeycomb geometry.

The easily moveable wall can be arranged as a room divider to absorb sound and delineate visual privacy, or to create a striking backdrop for an event or performance. As a modular system, each softwall + softblock has magnetic end panels that connect these flexible building blocks to create longer partitions and immersive, sculptural installations.


Besides the softwalls Molo has created other designs too created from the same principles as the softwall. Softseating unfurls into a compact paper stool or stretches into a bench. Structured with the same honeycomb geometry, the seat takes on surprising strength and flexibility. Multiple elements can be stacked to create playful, or connected by magnetic end panels to form long, winding benches and seating topographies.

Molo is a design and production studio based in Vancouver, Canada led by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen. Balancing between realms of art, design and architecture, molo’s projects are grounded in space making and range in scale from tea set to museum.

Molo’s award-winning soft collection, comprised of flexible space partitions, lighting, table and seating elements, exemplifies the studio’s dedicated approach to material and space making. Recognized for poetic beauty and pragmatic design, softwall and softseating were acquired by the New York Museum of Modern Art for their permanent collection. Softwall was also honoured with the prestigious Danish INDEX Award, for design to improve life.

The collection was developed as a conscientious endeavour to provide sustainable alternatives to traditional, rigid building materials. Enabling space to suit diverse use over time, throughout the day or over its lifespan, is an inherently sustainable practice. By pairing this conviction with flexible, responsible materials, the collection empowers individuals to redesign and shape their surroundings with spontaneous ease.

More about the designs and Molo here.


- Jantine -