Last years memories on the wall

2018-11-08 10.42.22 1.jpg

Now Sjors turned 1 two months ago, I created a wall filled with last years memories. With Sjors, but also with other happy moments of the three of us. So, happy to welcome our new IXXI Mini. Very pleased with the result! - Vivian

2018-11-08 10.42.21 2.jpg

Do you want to cherish your most beautiful moments? The IXXI Mini is perfect for snapshots & smartphone photos.  Let's create your own IXXI Mini collage with 10x10 cm cards, a new product from IXXI your world. And if you want to change some images over the year, you can order extra images, and safe the old images in the IXXI Mini Memory box, definitely be needing one of those as well. On the back of the images you can add a date and some notes, so you will keep the memory alive. Perfect Christmas present if you ask me :) 

This post is written in collaboration with IXXI

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