Artek - Atelier chair


Another one to add to our must-visit list: the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm reopens and is thereby showing Artek’s Atelier Chair. The combination is stunning.

A collaboration is often unpredictable but always exciting when it combines the strength of two well-matched partners. The partnership between Stockholm-based TAF Studio and Finnish brand Artek has resulted in the compact and versatile Atelier Chair.


The collaboration is part of the museum's NM& initiative, an artistic collaboration between designers and producers. During the extensive renovations of the Nationalmuseum and to foster contemporary Swedish design, the museum commissioned talented designers to re-imagine its public areas; about 2,300 square metres were added to the existing space. 

Inspirational drawings of Ateljé Restaurant © Matti Klenell

Inspirational drawings of Ateljé Restaurant © Matti Klenell

TAF Studio was one of the selected designers. Founded in 2002 by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom, its designs have achieved international acclaim. The studio chose to work with Artek to produce the Atelier Chair, drawing on the company’s expertise with wood, and long history of producing iconic designs with a high level of craftsmanship.

Atelier Chair, a universal wooden chair, was created for the main dining hall and was later also chosen to furnish the museum’s auditorium. It derives its name from the concept of the room: the dining hall evokes an artist’s studio, the birthplace of the finalised artworks exhibited throughout the museum.


Atelier Chair is compact, lightweight and stackable. Its slender proportions and geometric lines create an arresting aesthetic. Simple and direct, the chair possesses elegant details, such as the connecting bars which hug the front legs. The comfortable and versatile chair is equally at home at a desk, a dining table, a meeting room, a restaurant or in an auditorium. Atelier Chair is designed by Stockholm-based studio TAF Studio.

The chair is travelling easily between different rooms and spheres and is presenting itself in various colours and woods. Definitely a new classic!