Fall mood with Alessi home fragrances


Finally, it’s getting colder! After our long Indian Summer it’s time to dress warmer. The days are getting shorter, our home is getting dark. Time to light the candles again, and for me this is the ultimate fall feeling, candles, warm wool sweaters, and because we live in the Netherlands: my favorite rain coat. I’m working at home, so in our home it’s cozy all day, I start with lighten the candles in the morning and they will burn till we go to bed. And it’s even better with scented candles. The SHHH candles burns as we speak: it fills the room with notes of eucalyptus, rose and patchouli. - Vivian

The Five Seasons is a complete home fragrance collection designed by Marcel Wanders for Alessi, which contains a diverse range of small accessories for the home. These include the Leaf fragrance diffuser, Scented candles, Room Spray, a Lava stone fragrance diffuser,  a Bottle candle holder and a Candle snuffer. Precious materials, like porcelain and mahogany wood, and elements inspired by nature, like twigs, shape the design of the entire range.

Smell, touch, sight and irony are the common threads throughout of the collection, but each with a new aesthetic. Five fragrant seasons that are harmonious throughout the year in any domestic setting.

The personalities of the fragrances are suggested by their highly evocative names: “Brrr” (Winter), Ahhh” (Spring), “Hmm” (Summer), “Grrr” and “Shhh” (Special).


The Five Seasons scented candles capture the sensations of nature in an elegant porcelain bowl complete with ash wood lid that can also be used as a base for standing the candle on. Each candle is available in two sizes.


One of our favorites in this range is the lava stone fragrance diffuser with essential oils and a dropper, that explores the world of home fragrances in an entirely original way, suggesting an almost spiritual mise–en-scene. This highly aesthetic composition is offered exclusively for “Shhh”, which is for me the most intriguing collection.


The sophisticated room diffuser which in place of traditional reeds has elegant stylised leaves crafted in mahogany wood. An original way for diffusing the mysterious, spiritual bouquet of Shhh.

Our home smells like eucalyptus, we are ready for the fall season, with our current favorite, the Shhh scent. - Vivian

This post is written in collaboration with Alessi.