The Spanish chair - 60 years Special Edition


On occasion of the 60th anniversary of the iconic Spanish Chair, Fredericia launches a special edition in solid oak combined with an elegant Olive Green saddle leather. To honour Børge Mogensen’s work, Fredericia searched the master’s archive and discovered this subtle, natural colour, which was one of his most loved hues and one of the dominating interior colours at the time.

We’ve been working with Fredericia for quite some time now and we were very happy and honoured when they asked us to shoot this special edition of the Spanish chair. We love the craftmanship of this iconic chair very much. The leather and the wood fit perfectly together and the olive green colour gives it a more masculine look.


For the first time ever, the Spanish Chair is available in this modern mid-century colour and to celebrate this special anniversary, Fredericia invited Børge Mogensen’s grandson, renowned fashion photographer Rasmus Mogensen, to portrait himself with the masterpiece created by his granddad in 1958.
“Børge Mogensen’s perfectionist obsession with a simple overall look, the fine details, the perfectly conceived angles etc. both drove and exhausted him. Just then I felt a special bond with Børge, even a kind of curse. This deep-felt need for absolute simplicity and an idea of creating something perfect.” – Rasmus Mogensen


Available for a short period only: 19 September – 31 December 2018
The Spanish Chair 60 years special edition is available from 19 September, which is the exact day when the chair originally was presented to the world in 1958 as part of the yearly exhibition curated by Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild.

Images and photography by April and May. More information at