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As you probably know, my love for different kind of ceramics, prints and artwork is still very strong . In the past I shared several posts about my strong feeling for unique and beautiful pieces and I am always looking for beautiful new designs, ceramics and sculptures.  There is so much to discover, especially at the instagram world where you can find me frequently and that's how I ended up at the beautiful site of The Ode To. Do you already know them? 

"The Ode To means tribute - our tribute is to great artistry and design, and not the least to female artistry. We mainly work with female creatives to counterweight the imbalance that exists also within the design and art world. Women are overrepresented at art schools, as creative practitioners and customers, and yet male artists are heard, awarded and payed more. We always choose to work with creatives whose artistry we admire, both male and female, but we will also work harder to give women a platform for their creativity. 

The Ode To launched in Spring 2018 by friends Helena Carlberg and Anna Lukins. Museum shops, flea markets, the odd fashion store - through the years we’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time searching in all types of places for design and art for our own homes. This is our passion, but we realised that not everyone wants to spend the same time and effort as we do. So we figured we'd do it for you. We quite like this new job. "

I was already familiar with the beautiful work, the serene sculptures of Kristiina Haataja (which you could already see on my wish list at my personal April and May page) and through the inspiring site of The Ode To I recently discovered the artworks of the Tufva design collection.

Not long ago Helena and Anna have launched the 2018 fall collection which consists of new handmade sculptures, original drawings, textile prints and much more. The pieces are carefully selected and very limited and I admit, my wishlist is getting longer and longer! What is your favorite work of their collection? you can find it here


styling:  linnea   salmen  photos -  mikael   lundblad

styling: linnea salmen photos - mikael lundblad