mk house antwerp

MK house is a recently renovated heritage-listed townhouse from the early 1800's located in the historic centre of Antwerp. Brussels-based Nicolas Schuybroek was presented with the delicious task of renovate the house for a top fashion creative who works in Paris but returns to his native Antwerp for the weekends.

Although the original house was charming and nicely proportioned, yet is was dark and the disposition of the rooms lacked coherence. So Shuybroek wanted to resolve first the relationships and connection between spaces, and the quality and direction of naturel light. Only then did he move on to the interior treatment and materials. Nicolas Schuybroek:

''Our goal was to create a timeless, warm-minimalist and elegant MK house in tune with it's past and clients needs.''

And that worked out very well according to us!

Via DPAGES and Nicolas Schuybroek