speckled cups by imre bergmann

During the day it is important to take short breaks, relax and enjoy yourself, for instance with a nice cup of coffee or tea. And if you serve this in that one special cup, it tastes even more delicious.

Last week we have posted about our selection for CrowdyHouse, one of our most favourite items was the Speckled cups by Imre Bergmann and in this post we want to show you some more of this gorgeous product.

The Speckled cup is made of stoneware that is worked with a silt and therefore feels a little coarse to the touch. This gives a unique touch to each product. You'll want to keep holding this cup. The whole serie of Speckled consist of a tea cup, coffee cup, two pouring cups, a bowl and a large plate. The Speckled is a handmade serie.

A timeless tableware that brings a piece of rest to your home!