the paddington inn

the-paddington-inn-1 the-paddington-inn-2 the-paddington-inn-3 the-paddington-inn-4 the-paddington-inn-5 the-paddington-inn-6 After some good renovation, The Paddington Inn opened his doors again last month. With a clean concept, the plan was to create a pub with a split identity; a part for the fine dining and a part for the casual drinks.

The design of both areas is done by George Livissianis. The casual part is designed like a real pub; dark wood, greens and a cosy atmosphere, where the restaurant part is designed with a more chic tone; there are more light colours, a lot of clear materials and the abstract portraits of artist Christiane Spangsberg.

I really love the idea of the two functions in one area, the beautiful design and the clear concept of The Paddington Inn. When I am visiting Sydney once, I would really like to have a visit! Who's coming along?