fritz hansen's pair chair

pair-chair-fritz-hansen-1 pair-chair-fritz-hansen-2 pair-chair-fritz-hansen-3 pair-chair-fritz-hansen-4 After a lot of successfully designs, the Pair Chair is the result of Fritz Hansen's first collaboration with designer Benjamin Hubert. A sculptural addition to the minimalistic collection tables, chair and more.

It took them more than three years, making prototypes and testing the chair in different scenes, before it would be launched at the London Design Festival this year.

The Pair chair contains different components with a wide variety of possible variations and is the result of years of knowledge, quality assurance, new visions of design and of course a new collaboration which makes both parts being inspired by making something really new.

After all the chair is quite minimalistic, but useable in a wide variety of purposes. I would really like to have a seat over there!