string works

string-furniture-news-1 string-furniture-news-2 string-furniture-news-3 string-furniture-news-4 string-furniture-news-5 string-furniture-news-6 We all know the String Furniture cabinets and organizers, right? Well, after a successfully start with their office products in 2015, String Works is now introducing you their new work collection.

The ergonomic furniture which they already designed is now available in even more sizes and options. With the String Works furniture your workspace will be even more functional and flexible as it was before, adding the new, multifunctional desk panel, the new cabinets and the hangable organizers, which are available in different sizes so you can create the best solution for each workspace.

The minimalistic, stylish and functional look of these furniture pieces make us wanna stay just a little bit longer at our studio, how about you?