vipp christmas gift calendar III

Vipp_calendar03 It’s the 3th Advent Sunday- time for a new give away of the 4 give aways we are having with Vipp – on every Sunday before Christmas.

Together with some of our blogfriends and favorite brands we are giving away a lot of Christmas presents on Instagram and here on the blog!

So, you all know we love Vipp and we love to see your homes filled with their beautiful products. This week you can win the present behind number 3, so missed out on the last 2 Vipp give aways? Enter this one now! Here is what you have to do:

Answer the following question by sending us an email at – please don’t leave the answer in a comment :)

Question: ThisNovember, Vipp stepped into the light by introducing a serie of lamps. How many lamps are in the series?

You can find your answer on the Vipp website – good luck!

We will announce the winner by sending him or her an email.

xoxo April and May & Vipp