pastoe x april and may

BEELDSTEIL_Pastoe_nov15_0702BEELDSTEIL_Pastoe_nov15_0695BEELDSTEIL_Pastoe_nov15_0690BEELDSTEIL_Pastoe_nov15_0716 We are happy to announce to you, our brand new collaboration with Pastoe!

We joined each other to combine the aesthetic collection of Pastoe with our style and vision. This resulted in a curated version of the Vision collection.


Working with a company like Pastoe gives us a way of showing how we would develop a strong product like the Vision collection that fits our aesthetics. For this special combination we were inspired by winter and the feeling it brings us, a combination of materials and dark colors with a touch of dark blue.

We have chosen for a vertical way of combining the Vision cabinets with different sizes and one small drawer. We think this version can fit both a small and bigger space and therefor answers the need for people that are looking for something special to store small items.

Pastoe curated by April and May is a special curated version in color and composition of the Vision & Boxes collection.

Curious? Today from 10.00h till 16.00h there will be a special day at the Pastoe factory showroom where you can experience this special curated Vision combination and a selection of products from our store. A day filled with inspiration and advise. Com join us on this special day!

The special Vision combination will be available in selected stores and at the Pastoe showroom. For more information contact Pastoe or April and May at or

Styling by April and May // Photography by Wendy van Woudenberg |