botanique hotel

featured_image_copy  L_IMG_5076_Tuca_Reines_R_archdaily_copy Lp_IMG_1714_Tuca_Reines_R_archdaily_copy Lp_IMG_4999_Tuca_Reines_R_archdaily_copy_Ed_IMG_4305_Tuca_Reines_R_archdaily_copyB_IMG_4774_Tuca_Reines_R_archdaily_copy We love to show you this hotel & spa, which is based in Brazil. The way the building fits into the environment is beautiful. If you need some time to breathe and relax, I guess this is the perfect place.

It's not that we fell in love with the interior - it's the whole atmosphere, it fits. The huge windows, the use of rough stones, the wood. Great work of the architects!

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