green artistic home

_mgl0139_40_41_42_fused-TSe_lWM52j0bbFIe99BmsQ _mgl0191-BQ7n-qJS8JVwQ72iKdk83w _mgl0256_9_fused-oJ9eLokInWD5G3AoV7-wQA milano-nfPxNgS_jCJ4VXlwDs_TTA milano1-g7c3OuW8xg-iiIDRNz6rIA You might think this home is a bit too much for us...

...but if you look at the basic elements, the concrete floors, the steel staircase structure, the huge windows together with all those plants.. It really is an amazing space!

We love to see those kind of architectural elements in a home. Also I think it's great to see that you can create you're own atmosphere in any kind of home.

And we say YES to linen curtains :)


Photography Serge Anton - via BoBedre