Forbo Lab day - What is sustainable?


Last week, I was invited to join the Forbo Lab day at the Forbo Factory. For the people who aren't familiar with Forbo, Forbo is the best known manufacturer of linoleum floors.

During the Forbo Lab day I attended a workshop in which we devised future scenarios for a floor in 2050, made my own marmoleum and attended a lecture on sustainability. But what I found interesting about the lecture was that we started a discussion about what is really sustainable. 
There are many sustainable terms known as C2C, C02 neutral, biological, energy neutral, biodynamic etc. But in my opinion it is important to take a look at the overall production. Because a lot of materials can be sustainable but is the production, transport or lifetime also sustainable? 

In my opinion, the lifespan can sometimes be more durable than the raw material or production method. For example if you buy a classic design item. These items often last generation after generation and do not lose their value thanks to the great design. You can't always say that about an item that may have been made from a sustainable raw material, but that will not last as long. These are interesting statements that you can think about and I am not saying that there is a good or a bad choice, but I do find it interesting that we remain critical. 

The reason I want to share this with you is because as an interior designer I want to think about sustainable interior options. 


Forbo linoleum floors are associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design. They are made from 5 different raw materials: linseed oil, wood flour, resin, jute and limestone. And it is made of 97% natural materials which 72% is retrievable and 43% is recycled content and CO2 neutral. In that regard, you can say that marmoleum is a sustainable choice. 

Besides the fact that the Forbo Lab day was educational, it was also good for a dose of inspiration. In collaboration with vtwonen they have decorated the showroom. The showroom shows you what a warm effect a marmoleum floor can give.

woonkamer vtw kwarts d.jpg

Are you curious whether a marmoleum floor will also fit in your interior? We are there to help you. See this blogpost to read why Vivian choose for linoleum in her kitchen.

Forbo lab day is made possible by Broeinest. Thank you Broeinest for the inspiring day! - Aimée