Palos Verdes Estates by Mandy Graham

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This kitchen, as well as the rest of the interior, has such a calm and sophisticated atmosphere. The curves, the dark materials combined with the white walls and light floor, pure serenity - Giòia

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There’s something both comforting and bold about the purity of classical architecture paired with contemporary details. This concept, by Mandy Graham, is apparent in the newly renovated home in Palos Verdes, California. Much of the homes original architectural influence has been modified entirely by adding a theme of arches and barrel ceilings throughout. A combination of natural walnut and limestone give the home warmth, texture and timeless elegance. Vintage Art Deco fixtures and hardware embrace the past and add necessary soul to the minimal aesthetic. Mandy Graham designed the kitchen cabinetry and bathroom fixtures with the same attention to detail as she demonstrates in her furniture collections. The home is a transformation resulting in a serene experience that embraces both the old and the new. Find out more about Mandy Graham her work here .

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