Stair Sculpture - Kristina Dam

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Some words by Kristina:

In March I spend a week in Portugal overseeing my production team and visiting the skilful men and women that are manufacturing my designs. These talented craftsmen are the core of my collection. It is always with great respect, happiness and an unfailingly curiosity that I meet with my production. The many steps every single product has to undergo before completed is fascinating and to understand this process is always so inspiring and ignites many new ideas. 

Sustainability is to care about where you produce. We have decided to keep our entire production in Europe out of many reasons, but first of all we want to keep the transport distance at a minimum, have a short lead time and at the same time provide the best quality. 

Certain parts of our production is still made in smaller workshops or family businesses. It means a lot to me to see how these workshops are growing. I vividly remember how it all began with a single man manufacturing all the frames for my cube tables. Now he has hired two employees to help out but he is still with me – manufacturing those frames that started my business. I must admit that I'm still grateful that said yes to start working with me back then.- Kristina Dam

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The Stair Sculpture is a true piece of art. Made of solid concrete the Stair Sculpture is all about appearance. It has a modern and yet distinct architectural feeling to it and the roughness of the texture of this art piece is evident.

Every year Kristina Dam designs a piece of art for the collection. The Stair Sculpture is a product hereof. The only objective of this fine art object is to draw your attention and let you enjoy its structure, shape and proportions. You can enjoy the Stair Sculpture from every angle and place it wherever you like in your home – on a table, in the windowsill or on the floor.

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The Stair Sculpture is molded by hand and therefore variations in the surface structure and edges might occur.