Simple bedroom styling


Gotta face the facts. Our babe does not sleep in her own room. She sleeps with us and we don’t mind. But, as our bedroom was situated in the ‘old' part of the house, where it get very cold in winters, we decided to move our bedroom to the new part where it’s a bit more comfortable for all of us. And because it is not going to stay our bedroom, we will eventually move back, I didn’t want to do to much with this room, so a simple, natural bedroom styling. Which turned out pretty good and we very much enjoy sleeping here. All of us. Especially since we have a new mattress from Simba Matras, which we got kindly gifted, and is very comfortable, again, for all of us. - Vivian

The dried flowers are from last summer, which Sjors and I picked in our garden - cabinet is from Kartell, a classic if you ask me - art print is an original wood curve I found at a second hand store - large cushions and vase from IKEA - bedding from Midnatt - PJ’s from MADE.COM - linen towel from Magic Linen - matrass by Simba Matras - magazine Liefke