bulthaup b3

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With my kitchen, I want it to feel like a home. To store, prepare and to cook which will give lightness and tranquility to my kitchen. With the Bulthaup b3 system, this can be made possible. pretty much a dream kitchen right? - Giòia

bulthaup b3 – Design freedom for all living spaces 

bulthaup b3 is a fascinating multi-functional kitchen and living space system with a diverse range of layout options and freedom of design – whether as a puristic kitchen island or a space-maximizing functional wall, whether floating or floor-standing. The customer stands in the foreground surrounded by a living space that matches his needs and desires for somewhere to feel at home and have fun.

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Rather than following classical layouts, bulthaup b3 gives the wall an active, playful role. In doing so, it becomes another functional element within a wider functional plan. The custom- er is given free rein to design personal living spaces according to their own ideas and spatial conditions.

Wall panels are available in various lengths and materials, as shown here in sand beige aluminum. The functional wall allows living spaces to flow seamlessly into one another and can be fitted with a range of functions to match your personal needs.

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The precise, high-quality finish of the stainless steel and the lack of joints between the rear panel, side panels and worktop give the bulthaup monoblock a particularly purist appearance. 

Quality down to the finest detail – when it comes to edge fin- ishes, the same worker at the plant completes all of the fronts, side panels and panels for the entire kitchen. This is because each craftsman meticulously creates their own angle when bev- eling edges, and the angle on the corner is therefore unique to and characteristic of every craftsman. 

Suitable for a variety of purposes, the function boxes provide storage space for items such as dish soap, spices, oil and vine- gar, kitchen utensils, knives, cutting boards and small contain-ers. Everything is kept well organized – and when the easy-to- clean glass fronts are closed, there is nothing to disrupt the smooth lines of the kitchen. 

When opened, these fronts provide access to all the items that see daily use in preparation, cooking, serving and cleaning. 

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The kitchen has been completed with a bulthaup b3 sideboard, here in gravel laminate, which flows over into the living area, functioning at the same time for storage and as a sideboard.