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Have you seen the newest ZARA baby editorial? This really makes my heart melt, and although our little girl is really growing way the fast, I also can't wait to show her the world and let her explore nature. More reason to think a little bit more about our planet. I recently wrote about 'plastic free july' ( which is pretty hard, everything is wrapped in plastic! ) and I also try to be more aware in our household with products we use. The newest baby collection from ZARA is way to cute and their images are beautiful! - Vivian

Care for fibre, care for water, care for planet. Under the label 'join life' ZARA produces garments using the best sustainable processes and raw materials. Also producing recycled fabrics consumes less water and energy. Caring for your clothes is caring for your planet. By taking good care of your clothes can make your favorite clothes last longer, which reduce their environmental impact and safe naturel resources. 2.jpg
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You'll find their complete editorial here and the collection here.