Ikea classic - Kroken by Christer Blomquist


Combining old and new in furnishings is nothing new, I guess most of us have a mixed interior and I think that's why I'm always fascinated by the vintage posts of Livet Hemma. Ikea has produced so many beautiful designs over the years. 

I wrote several posts about me being inspired by the creative styling team of Livet Hemma and this week I was pleasantly surprised again by the creative work of stylist Linnea Salmen with a special attention for the stylish and timeless "Kroken" lounge chair designed by Christer Blomquist for IKEA during the ´70s

The chair was featured on the cover of the 1979 Ikea catalog and has become a real collector's item. Just like Linnea I was attracted by the combination of the beautiful timeless shape, the chrome underframe and the nice thick button- drawn cotton canvas in beige. The chair is just perfect to combine in every interior, whether you have an interior with stronger colors or an interior in neutral tones don't you think so? 

When I admired this backlink to the 70's and the other futured classics, I thought to myself wouldn't it be great if they were released again as a special collection? I already have a few favorites... How about you?  

you will find more about the Ikea classics here

- Elvera - 

photos: Ragnar Òmarsson

photos: Ragnar Òmarsson