MrStarskyAmsterdam x AQUA

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The launch of a new customizable print with the state of the stars: MrStarskyAmsterdam x AQUA. After their star sky birth posters with illustrations of constellations, this is the third edition they add to their collection. As goes for all there prints, you also can create this print yourself on basis of location / date / time of the special moment you would like to remember.

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Where the two previously launched styles are mainly used to capture the moment of birth, this new style is suitable for lots of special moments. For example, as a festive gift for a wedding couple of the moment they say I DO to each other, to celebrate a jubilee or remember the moment you got the keys to your new home. This style perfectly fits the current home decor trends en will be a beautiful touch to every interior.

MrStarskyAmsterdam x AQUA is characterized by an watercolor sky in two different shades of blue, depending on the moment you wish to capture (day or night). And – with the wedding season coming up – our prints can also be ordered in advance, for example with the sky as it will be on the moment the newly weds say I DO to each other. Wouldn’t that be the perfect gift?

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