How to start the day


If you have seen my post on how to get up early, you know I also wanted to share some tips on how to start the day. For me, this is something that I know. But, easier said then done, I still have to do it.

Everything stands with a good breakfast and a cup of coffee or tea. In the past, I tend to skip it or just eat a banana on the way. My days starts at 7.30, when my husband and daughter leave the house. In order to not skip my breakfast and give myself time to enjoy it, I like to make timeframes for my activities, especially since I work from home and it’s easy to get distracted.

There are a few things that are important.


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- You need to visualize how you will make your day. I like to do it with my timeframes ( 7.30 – get dressed, 8.00 – breakfast, 8.30 – walk the dog, 9.00 – start working ) and when I get distracted ( still need to water the plants! ) I will make a timeframe for that as well, so I will not leave desk and go do things randomly. My main goal is to take time for things, to do things with care.

- Get rid of your phone. Well that’s something I need to work on. I easily have my phone with my while dressing, having breakfast, walking the dog.. not really mind full right? Why not enjoy my breakfast watching our wonderful view? It’s so much better! So I will put my phone at my desk and I can check it at 9.00 for 15 minutes. And although we use our phone a lot during work, I don’t have to check it all the time right?

- Work out. Choose your way of doing this. I really don’t like to work out, but I do yoga and this works for me. Since, when we are not shooting,  I’m working mostly behind the computer all day, I like to give myself some breaks. So at 10.45, I get behind the computer and like to do some morning yoga stretches ( Just Google Youtube morning yoga and you get a lot of hits ) and at 14.30 I’ll do a little workout again, even some crunches when I’m in a good mood ;)

- Eat the frog. Tackle the hardest ‘problem’ first. So, as I told in the previous post to schedule your 6 most important tasks for the next day, write them down. You’ll put the hardest taks on top and you start with that. It’s such an easy way to make your day much easier!

This are all things we already know, but it’s also very important to be aware of. Do things with care and take you’re time.

Next week I will share some tips on how to have a simple life.

Enjoy your Monday  - Vivian -

Inspired by the work of Anna Vital