the Gjøvik house


Norm Architects inspires us with every new project they finish and for us they embody the way minimalism should be perceived creating the perfect balance between timeless aesthetics, function and beauty.

The Gjøvik house is located on a majestic hill side facing the Norwegian woods and Mjøsa lakean just an hour north of Oslo. The house consists of overlapping cubes of different sizes making it an intimate and dynamic family home with materials, levels and inbuilt, tailor-made furniture creating a minimal yet warm and secluded feeling. The house gracefully embraces the hill side terrain, merging with its surroundings in a humble and natural manner. Having thoroughly considered the climate in the process of designing the house, the idea behind the cluster style house was to give the home a cosy and inviting feel, where you can truly hibernate while taking shelter from the frigid days of Nordic winter.

The house consists of 6 cubes overlapping each other in plan and section. This creates a cosy universe filled with nooks and crannies, and with a continuously surprising flow. Moving through the house, the eye wanders from one room to the next, on to the next again, adding a distinct sense of depth. The intertwining is further underlined by the choice of materials. Floor becomes wall and wall becomes floor in an ever-changing world of concrete, wood and subtle, warm tones. Having the majority of all furniture built in adds to the soft, yet minimal expression in this unique family home.


Placed on a hill side sloping towards Mjøsa lake in the breath-taking Norwegian woods, the house follows the slope in its composition, and faces the spectacular view. A large part of the facade faces the lake, but with an awareness towards creating small, private pockets and places where you can curl up come rain or shine. This creates a stunning yet intimate sensation.

Selected views are framed in windows spread out between the cubes, while the kitchen, being the heart and centre of the house, offers a greater outlook, with light passing through the room between the floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides. Being a modern and minimal take on a cluster house, the humble family home combines secluded, little nooks with bright and spacious common areas, embracing all aspects of family life.

images © Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen | lead architect: Linda Korndal