30 days to minimal blogging


This year is the year we want to turn things around with our platform and the content we share and create. Being around in the online community for a long time now makes us realise it becomes more and more important to get more personal and stay strong to your values. It’s these believes and personality that can make the difference and make your community and work interesting.

There are moments in running your own business when you need to evaluate even more what you are doing to bring back the focus and bring new inspiration and ideas. After being around in the blogging world for this long we think this is the moment for us to have this moment, setting our priorities, mindset and the future of our blog and business.

As from today we will start with the book ’30 days to minimal blogging’ by Ana Degenaar and in the upcoming weeks will share the inspiration we found through reading this book and the insight it gave us.

“We all have to get used to the fact that succes comes in layers. It rarely ever comes all at once.” – Ana Degenaar

We have been following Ana Degenaar for a long time and admire her work and style. She is the founder of Blog Milk where she offers minimal blog themes and custom graphic designs.


- Jantine -

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