Frankly Amsterdam


Maybe you remember our collaboration with Fem home where we created a plaid/throw? This Amsterdam based brand launched their new name ‘Frankly Amsterdam’ last Thursday.

Fem Home started with a collection of home-textiles with rugs, cushions, plaids, bedlinen and more. A big part of the collection is custom made and besides the residential market more projects in the project market where initiated. This made them decide to develop a new name ‘Frankly Amsterdam’to suit both markets and extend the collection with products suitable for furniture too.

Frankly Amsterdam stands for honesty, sincerity and clearness derived from the saying ‘Frankly speaking…’.

Besides the launch of this new brand also the new campaign “Stand your Ground” was launched, where the philosophy of honest business, purity  and sincerity is one of the leading principles. In a world where integrity is so often put aside for convenience Frankly Amsterdam believes in quality above abundance. For this reason the new timeless collection is made of natural products and produced in Europe.

Especially for this launch Mae Engelgeer created the rug “En Suite” that you can see in the first and last image. The rug is composed out of 50×50 cm gradient squares. Combining different materials, different pile heights and subtly changing colors into an interesting structure, Mae created a product that showcases versatility in hand tufted rugs.

Mae designed all 6 color combinations herself, creating a family of rugs that suit the Frankly Amsterdam brand flawlessly, without losing the characteristic Mae Engelgeer touch. Made from a mix of wool- and Eucalyptus yarn. Hand tufted in Europe.

Images by Kasia Gatkowska