stockholm collection by ikea

Have you already seen the new Stockholm collection by Ikea? We made some new images to show you how to combine the gorgeous rattan products from this collection with some other materials and colors.

The Stockholm collection contains many beautiful rattan products and you see a lot blue and beige colors. Rattan is a natural and decorative material which you see a lot in now-a-days interiors. This material is very easy to combine with different colors and other materials. When we looked at the gorgeous collection we decided to combine this with some velvet. From fashion to interior, velvet is now more then trendy. You give your interior a warm and soft eye-catcher with a velvet sofa or seat, or choose the safe way and add just a few velvet pillows. The collection includes a beautiful wicker chair made in rattan, and it's got velvet cushions! That's such a great detail, the velvet makes it look much more exclusive.

Like you see, the images are bright, light and with not too many different colors. The dark blue and beige colors are the perfect combination for a warm yet light interior. The prints from the Stockholm collection can be perfectly combined with these materials and colors.

You'll find the article on IKEA online - styling and photography // April and May with special thanks to Elvera from Elvs blog who helped us during the shooting day.