apartment by laura seppänen

Laura Seppänen created a great apartment in the center of Helsinki, in the Kallio district, for the innovative pop musical producer Hank Solo.

One of the elements that makes this private residence so special is that, despite the 72 square meter floor plan, the apartment has a wondering feeling of spaciousness thanks to its three meter high ceiling, which gives the illusion of more space than the apartment actually possesses. With the idea of an 'industrial and luxurious yet cozy New York-style hotel room', the designer touched the interior with a light but powerful hand. A clean palette on a mostly white and light grey background with subtle strokes of black and hints of natural colors and textures such as wood and brick, form the basis. Each room in this apartment is unique and we really like the work of Laura. She has combined the Scandinavian design with some Finnish design, and these two maks a great combination!

Warm and homely to live in, the owner can count himself lucky with this gorgeous place. Via The design chaser