menu bathroom

Some great new May news from MENU. Look at these beautiful pictures! These images and products are part of the new bath campaign. Some of the products are new and some has been part of the collection for a while.

We are absolutely in love with the 'Darkly Mirror'. Darkly Mirror is an exploration of the history of human beings' relationship with the reflected image. It's a perfect mirror available in brass and aluminum. Then you have the gorgeous Hover Bowls made of honed brown marble, they can be used as a soap dish in the kitchen or bathroom, as a candle holder, or to hold personal items such as keys. In the dining room, make it the center piece of your table. The bowl can easily be used all over you home!

MENU loves naturel materials such as wood, marble and ceramics. They want to make beautiful objects for everyday use, whether that's an indispensable items of kitchen equipment, a clever floating shelf or a wonderful vase that adds the finishing touch to your bathroom.

We like the simplicity of the products! Check their site here.

Via Elisabeth Heijer