house in pogodno by loft kolasiński

This 'House in Pogodno'' project by Loft Kolasiński included revitalisation of a house from the 30s in Szczecin, Poland, interieur design and partly furniture design. The house, with an area of 150 sq meter, was completed in 2017 by Loft Kolasiński. And it is gorgeous!

For the interior they have combined their own bespoke wooden furniture with unique mid-century finds. Suited to the modern dweller, the refit favours light timber flooring and stone details, complemented by high ceilings and an absence of dividing internal walls. The Bauhaus-inspired furniture in the house brings a sense of modernity and playfulness. House in Pogodno is a refreshingly minimalist home, combining a love of historic art and design with a modern sensibility.

''We have a special appreciation for items made in the periode between the 20's and the 70's. In our projects we often use unusual, vintage furniture, lighting, ceramics, prints, rugs and carpets. We purchase them in auctions and from befriended collectors from all over Europe. When renovating furniture, we pay special attention to preserving their original character.

Loft Kolasiński did a great job! We are in love with this beautiful home. Read more? Check their site here.

Via Estliving | Photography by Karolina Bak